Because we believe in tradition, through handcrafted carpentry, we offer you a wide range of professional woodworking services, making doors, steps, windows and traditional furniture.


Do you want to feel the pleasure of creating your own projects?  For some cutting works, in order for the cuts to come out perfectly, specialized knowledge is required, which not every craftsman possesses.  For such situations, we provide you with our debit service.


We offer refurbishment, sanding and polishing services for solid wood furniture, doors and steps, so that they look like new and you can continue to enjoy your favorite furniture.


Do you want your furniture to be unique, with an exclusive design?  Do you want your idea to become a reality?  We come to your aid!  We sculpt and engrave in wood whatever you want.  From wooden constructions, gazebos, stairs, pillars, railings, doors, ornaments, statues, frames, decorative objects, to personal items, photos engraved in tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, bathroom and kitchen furniture, garden furniture, we satisfy your every wish.


If you are an art lover and you want to live in a modern, colorful environment with a bright look, we recommend that you focus on furniture made with epoxy resin.  More and more up-to-date, epoxy resin replaces glass, giving any product a long-lasting shiny look, offering the possibility to create unique, asymmetrical shapes and colors, so as to obtain an exclusive piece of furniture, identical to the one in your imagination.


You want your hotel, guesthouse, restaurant, bar, pub, cafe, confectionery, shop to be special, so that your customers feel at home, or maybe you want it to be ultra modern, with extravagant elements, we will help you find the ideal solution.


You have a company and you want the offices and meeting rooms to be more welcoming for your employees and customers? Do you want a positive and friendly work environment? One of the factors that ensures such an environment that will determine the employees to come to work with pleasure and motivates them is a modern and functional office.

An office with modern, quality furniture, custom made in accordance with the field of activity, with spaces created and decorated especially for relaxation is a smart choice for many top companies.  We come to your aid.  We are ready to make any type of office furniture from the simplest to the most extravagant, so that it satisfyes your needs and make you feel perfect at work.


We make handmade decorative objects from wood, metal and unique stone.  No matter what style suits you, we adapt to your needs and offer you a wide range of materials, so that you can get exactly what you want.